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Why Choose an Immigration Consultant?

Are you required to use an immigration consultant in your Canadian Immigration application? The answer is “no” according to Citizenship and Immigration. All the immigration forms are online for your access and you do not need to hire an immigration representative. The decision of hiring an immigration professional is up to the applicant himself or herself.
Then, why should anyone choose to retain the service of a registered immigration consultant?

1. Consultant can assist you with choosing the “best” option for your situation
Do you know that there are more than 60 Canadian immigration programs?  Do you also know that you can change your status during your stay in Canada?  There are also many ways for you to apply for a work visa. Everyone’s situation is unique and there is no absolute best option. A Registered immigration consultant who understands different immigration or visa programs will assist you choosing a “better option” for your particular situation.

2. You are assured that your file is presented in an organized and complete way
Immigration application is a serious matter and details matter the most.  Do you know that if you submit your application forms with information you are not sure of, or you leave some questions blank will lead to your file being rejected or sent back to you for reapplication?  A certified immigration consultant has a qualified high level of details and organization skill to make sure that your information is complete and your case will be presented to immigration officers in an organized way for their easy processing. A detailed submission letter will also be sent along with your application to make a good impression for your case.

3. Consultatnat will make the complicated process simpler for you
Immigration is a complicated process. It is not only because of complex Canadian immigration legal system. It is also the extent of your financial and emotional commitment to come and establish in a new country.  With the immigration law knowledge and the local knowledge of Canadian society, a registered immigration consultant will guide you through the process and make the complicated process simpler for you.

4. Consultant will save your valuable time
Even for the simplest immigration cases, with all the forms and instruction guide online, not everyone has the time to invest in analysing the instruction, filling the forms and preparing the documentations for submission. Sometimes, even a simple case can use someone up to a few days of time with no 100% understanding of the requirement and rules. If you send an incomplete application or miss certain details, you case might be returned to you without any refund and you have to send the package again. A Registered immigration consultant already has all the resources ready in the office and will guide you in a prompt and efficient manner. He or she does the thinking and doing for you, so your valuable time can be saved for something more meaningful to you.

5. Professional Knowledge and Education
As a Registered immigration consultant, he or she has to attend professional immigration practitioner program and pass various exams to get the licence.  He or she also has to fulfil many obligations including continuing education, pay high membership fees and insurance to maintain the professional title. A registered immigration consultant also has a code of professional conduct to follow to keep the license requirement.  Therefore, the financial and time investment by a registered consultant can be reflected in the quality of work he or she produces for the clients.

6. Easier Communication with Canadian Citizenship and Immigration (CIC)
Many applicants find it hard to communicate with CIC directly. Most important reason besides the English or French language barrier is because the complexity of the legal issues can be quite emotional to speak in a rational way.  Aimmigration professional deals with CIC frequently and speak in a professional language that government officers can understand.  That means valuable time is saved for the clients.

7. Personalized service with confidentiality protection
A registered immigration consultant can provide you with a personalized service with all the details are taken care of, whereas the instruction guide online will only give you generic instruction with no consideration in the immigration law aspect.  Personalized service also includes good suggestion or advice from your consultant about settlement services in Canada.  Having the right knowledge and connections are very important for your future success in Canada.  Your good immigration consultant can be your first link to Canadian society.  Also be assured that by using a Registered Immigration consultant,  your confidential information you provide will be kept in secret.

8. You do not have to pay for the consultant’s mistake
The word “registered Canadian Immigration Consultant” carries a lot of weight. It represents good quality of work and responsibility to you as a client. Nevertheless, no one in the world can be free of mistakes.  The good news is that you as consumers do not have to pay for the mistake made by a Registered Consultant. Most of the RCIC will give you a refund for the mistakes he or she made as written in the retainer agreement. It is also compulsory for a RCIC to carry professional liability insurance for your protection.  Also, just a precautionary note to you that if you hire an unlicensed consultant, you will not get the protection when things go wrong.
The value of a Registered Canadian Immigration consultant is not reflected by just filling forms.  It is his or her immigration law knowledge and the application of the knowledge.  Do not risk your application by just filling in the forms.  Once an application is refused, a permanent record is created. Seek professional help from an  ICCRC certified consultant. Get help via a professional consultation today.

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